Threats to Delaware Bay

Delaware Bay takes care of us and is a source of inspiration, recreation, rejuvenation and discovery. It is also an important element in our cultural heritage and history. Yet, today the Bay is threatened by pollution, invasive species, and sea level rise as a result of development, climate change, unsustainable agriculture, clearing of coastal forests, and oil and hazardous material spills.

Sea level rise is one of the main threats facing the Bay and the surrounding communities.  State agencies such as the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Delaware Coastal Program have been addressing the sea level rise issue through research and adaptation planning.  Sea level rise in the Mid-Atlantic is a serious concern as there is an increase of rising seas coupled with the subsidence (or gradual sinking) of the Mid-Atlantic region. However, it is an issue for which we can plan. For more information about the planning efforts about sea level rise please visit the Delaware Coastal Programs Sea Level Rise webpage.

You can help Delaware Bay and return the favor, learn, get involved and be heard!